What can you do with a finger lime?

Finger limes add a magic citrus burst to drinks and food.

Simply cut the finger lime in half crossways, squeeze the fruit and watch as all the little citrus caviar oozes out. There may be a few seeds to remove, but it really is very simple. You can also cut them into slices for garnish and flavour infusion.

The rest is up to your imagination, but here are some ideas and inspiration from Heartwood Farm. They are all very easy to do, it's just a matter of assembling wonderful flavours together.

To drink

Gin & Tonic

A new twist on the classic. Forget the old lemon or lime, just add slices of finger lime to refresh your G&T. The finger limes will infuse a fragrant and unique flavour.

Vodka Martini

Adding finger limes makes your Martini look even more spectatcular. They add a fragrant note to your tipple! Finger limes are very happy with Vodka or Gin, so whatever your preference.


Wake up your soda or mineral water with strawberry, mint and finger limes.
Endless combinations here!


Give guacamole a whole new edge by mixing finger limes through. The finger limes add texture and an explosive burst of lime.

To eat


Destiny! Finger limes and oysters are meant to be together. Simply place finger lime on top of your oyster. The creaminess of the oyster contrasts beautifully with the citrus pop and explosion.

Grilled Salmon and Salad

This may look MasterChef, but it's all about assembling ingredients and flavours. Grilled salmon sits on top of a salad of thinly sliced radish, cucumber, pink peppercorns, dill and finished off with finger lime caviar. The finger limes complement every ingredient.

Scallops with butter, ginger and finger limes

This is a love affair of flavours. Simply sear, grill or blowtorch (my favourite) the scallops until just cooked through. Melt some butter, with a little freshly grated ginger, finely chopped kaffir lime leaves, and when frothy spoon on top of the scallops. You can also add some fresh chilli if you like it hot. Sprinkle the finger lime caviar on top of each scallop and fall in love with flavour.

Pav Smash

Finger limes also work beautifully with sweet elements. This is so simple to do, amazing to taste. Simply top a homemade or store-bought pavlova or meringues with lightly sweetened freshly whipped cream, raspberries and finger limes. The tartness of the finger lime pops against the sweetness of the raspberry, cream and meringue.

Fig & finger lime tart


Beautiful to look at, easy to do and delicious to eat! Mix together marscapone, double cream, a squeeze of lemon juice, a spoonful of caster sugar, and finger lime caviar, then place in a sweet shortcut pastry base.

Top with fresh figs, plenty of finger limes and a sprinkle of pretty rosemary flowers. The finger limes pop and contrast with the creamy filling and sweetness of the figs. Superb!